The story of us:

One night my partner and I were having dinner and a few cocktails with our husbands. We got into a discussion about our husbands medications. My husband takes medications due to a heart by-pass operation and takes other pain medications due to some complications with the surgery. My partners husband takes blood pressure medications an cholesterol lowering medications. During the discussion my partner leaned over and quietly said "You know since my husband has been taking this new medication it has made his semen taste really bad, bitter and salty, just yucky. It was always sweet before." I said, "Really (thinking to myself that it was great to know I wasn't the only one with this problem.) I said to my partner, "So does my husbands." Of course we laughed and our husbands were a little embarrassed that we were discussing this. We started to discuss their diets and drinking pineapple juice, which may work, but realized that because of their medications they would have to drink a lot of juice to make it sweeter. Just making a drastic change in their diets would be a task in itself. There has to be something out there that can work. (Note: Pineapple juice also adds acidity, which can damage the stomach and digestive tract.)

We did research and found there was nothing on the market that would do the job of sweetening the semen. We decided to develop something that would work. With the help of a pharmaceutical company and their chemist, the right combination of natural herbs was developed that cleanses and deodorizes the body of toxicacity due to what we put into our bodies. These can be medications, diet, smoking, etc. With Sweet Secretions you do not have to change the way you eat.

During the test studies with our couples, the women liked what it did for men and wanted to see if it would work on themselves (remember, we developed this for men). Guess what ladies, it does! It actually makes our natural secretions sweeter. reduces dryness, increases lubrication, and helps control odor!

There have been no harmful side effects reported (but with all dietary supplements you should contact you doctor before taking them). We are happy partners! You should be too!

The Developers of Sweet Secretions